14 Types of Shoes and Footwear for Men with Their Name


Most men have zest towards owning the footwear as the brands and styles give a clear indication of whether or not they have got the style. A wise man once quotes that spending money on things that separate us from the ground is worth to invest. For example bed, mattress and here comes the most important thing – shoes. You may have dressed pretty well but worn those unmatched gym shoes needs a classy upgrade and if you wanted to join with a couple of pals for a local pub, wearing flip-flops need to be eliminated just to cover your toes with smart ones. Here, it’s time to revamp your collection and pile up with different varieties of shoes in your wardrobe for every occasion and season. Here are the best shoes that you need in your wardrobe for making an everlasting impression:

1. Brogues Shoes

These types of shoes have decorative perforations on the surface of the shoes and thus named as Brogues. They can be worn for a formal event and they include different types – Oxford, Derby and monk brogues.

2. Oxford Shoes

These are the finest formal type of footwear and should be worn with pants. Black oxford shoes are strictly for work and some formal occasions.

3. Derby Shoes

This is the oxford’s chunkier cousin. This type is in between shoes and smart casual footwear. They can go with raw denim and also with a suit. The technical difference is in the construction of the shoe – either stitched to tap or not stitched on separately. Sole is another key component for Derby shoes – they can either be rubber or leather for extra grip and durability and that’s the reason they go pretty much with every attire.

4. Monk Shoes

These types of shoes are for unconventional man. They don’t have lace but have buckles and straps. There are two types of monks – Single, double and triple monks based on strap and buckle numbers. They go well with both casuals and formals.

5. Loafers Shoes

Loafers are non-laced shoes that men can slide on and however give a smarter look. They can go well with anything including formal clothes, casuals or beach parties. These are three types – Penny bit and tassel loafers.

6. Wingtips Shoes

Wingtips are glorious and give a prominent statement about what you are and who you are. They are made out of the right stuff including leather built and rubber sole. They provide the best arch support to the foot. They pair well with a clean silhouette or with an overcoat.

7. Leather Dress Shoes

There will always be a reason that you need to wear something formal for occasions such as weddings, funerals, banquets or kind of retirement dinners. For these, you don’t have to go but a costlier upscale designed Italian leather to give you a presentable look for throwing back for just a couple of times a year, here is the right option for them.

8. Sneakers

Sneakers sound both sporty and casual unlike other pairs of shoes provides. There are classy white sneakers that go cool with anything you wear and another retro sneaker that go well with a T-shirt and jeans giving a cool look. There is no fancy technology followed here but just dyed canvas, heart-warming nostalgia and rubber soles. These days there is a multitude of sneaker styles with almost any attire, but it is advisable to stick to denim and sportswear as they are foolproof. New Balance and Chuck Taylors are a good shout. Sneakers are of different varieties namely classic high top sneakers, Low – top sneakers, continental sneakers, Gym sneakers, casual street sneakers, etc.

9. Trainers Shoes

Every man needs trainers to power them up throughout their day. They allow you to be ready for anything either to chase or trap, without the sweat. While they are vital for running or gyming, you can rock with these casually with the best outfits. Trainers perhaps are the best footwear that will always be the most comfortable selection to keep your feet on the ground.

10. Moccasins Shoes

Moccasins share the same appearance as loafers. These are stitched with soft lace and made of leather. Their history trace back to the Native Americans and they are undisputed boots in the eccentric department. They have tassels, bead and hand-drawn embroideries that make them more lavish and eccentric pair of shoes.

11. Boat shoes

Another masterpiece for men to slip into is the boat shoes. These are the best looking casual shoes a man should have in his wardrobe. They represent a nautically inspired coolness and easy slip in option makes them favorite for both slackers and non-slackers. For the one who loves to wear shoes without socks, these are the right choice.

12. Dress Boots

Dress boots are a must for every man. These are considered to be a high fashioned good choice during winter and suitable for frigid weather. Due to their rugged build and multi-facet functionality they possess military and explorer origins. Treating them with mink oil and some good conditioners increases the durability of the shoes. There are different types of boots including Duck boot, dress boot, motorcycle boot, Chukka boot, snow boots, etc.

13. Work Boots

Work boots remain as essential footwear for men during tricky terrain and wet conditions. The laced derby boot is a double-lined shoe version and relates with hiking boots too. They go good with heavyweight fabrics as trousers or wool that are cropped above the ankle. These work boots are good for men working for more than 10-hours a day and thus they provide ankle stability, proper traction, and toe protection. Stick with some of the classic work boot brands such as Timberland, Redwing, Wolverine, Danner, Carhartt, etc.,

14. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are perfect for the representation of casual meets corporate. These stand between the shoes and dress; they are the best way to reveal your style modernized. These kind are widely popular during British, the fine leather finish makes them appear sleekest out of winter boots and best suitable with a trench coat. They come in both leather and suede options, while the former stay looking new longer.

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